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Alain Fux: 1906: The Dawn of Modernism

1906: The Dawn of Modernism

The panorama of a year. In San Francisco, Enrico Caruso is woken up by an earthquake and later appears in court in New York. Albert Einstein gets promoted to second-rate. Hitler is in love, and Rasputin settles in with the Tsar’s family. Theodore Roosevelt inspects the Panama Canal site, while in Paris, the first plane takes off in front of a large audience. In Köpenick, a vagrant shows the world what slavish obedience means. Rockefeller is on the run, but his culinary habits give him away. Mata Hari and Winston Churchill attend the manoeuvres of Wilhelm II. Marie Curie becomes a professor at the Sorbonne, and the suffragettes change their strategy in London. Arturo Toscanini surpasses Richard Strauss on the home straight. James Joyce comes up with the idea for Ulysses while Picasso is working on the Demoiselles d’Avignon. Only the Pope remains stubborn and declares the French government godless.

1906 – a year at the dawn of Modernism.